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Um mal n bisschen auf meinen ausgefallenen musikgeschmack einzugehen , schreib ich hier mal Texte zu liedern auf , die mir gefallen haben :

DMC Soundtrack : Devils never cry

I´ll steal your soul for a second chance

You will die come what may

Your soul makes me stronger

In a life that breathes no longer

Fade away in a quest for life

Until the end , don´t judge me nice


Searching for the cure for soul´s demise

Read the tears of the victim´s cries

You´ll need more to kill the suffer of a

Brother demon that´s a purely wonder

Kill before the time , kill them all

Blast out the righteous mark

Serving justice that dwells in me

Nothing comes as far as the eye can see

The eye can see


We are falling , the night is calling

Tears inside me , calm me down

Bless me with the leaves off of the tree

on it , I see

the freedom rain

We are falling , the night is calling

She is inside me , going down

Midnight calling , live softly , slowly

drowning with the love we need

Bless me with the leaves off of the tree

on it , I see

the freedom rain

Praised to my father

Blessed by the water

Black night , dark skies

The Devils Cry




DMC Soundtrack - Divine Hate

Now you´ve really crossed the line

Your hate for me is divine

My love yearns your suffer

On your grave lurks my prosper


Taunt more as a lure but it´s no use

Knots tight my excite I prepare the noose

Say no more it´s time for you to make your move

My blackened soul lit by your fuel


Implodes your moral and drain your pride

Too late for debate or run and hide

Time to take your life it tolls the bell

To your hell , I´d like to welcome you




DMC Soundtrack - Taste the Blood

The flinch in your eyes calls your bluff

Feel free to die when you´ve had enough

Useless cause is breaking your back

Your life will end when you attack


Make your move

Make your stand

Make the win

Hah , like you can


See the war

See me rule

See the mirror

You´ll see a fool


To take me out , you must fight like a man

You´ve yet to proven that you can

I see your might it compares to something

That is if something is nothing


Time to figure

Time to sin

Your times done

When you begin


Live for suffer

Life for revenge

Know your life

Comes to an end


Taste the blood

Taste your fate

Swallow your pride

With your hate


Your last breath

Your last stance

The last of all

In your command


Knee´s in the blood

With your crying pleas

Wade in your sorrow bath

In your fear

Clear your mind

From righteousness suffered

Witness the moment your

Failures Prosper




 DMC Soundtrack : Cerberus

You got nothing

And nothings got you

I can see your fear cause it surrounds you

Built with strife

And insight  but it´s not enough

I´ll defeat and discreet your every move


This instinct that you dwell

will just

Take your life

One step , one breath you´re

under my knife

Killing slow is the way I conquer

It´s time for torture test

Can´t wait no longer


With your first step you will burn

Can´t control the hate you´ve learned

Killing slow is the way I conquer

Until you know the meaning of suffer


Step twice you invite and welcome death  

Pay homage to me with your last breath

Say goodbye to a life the you once knew

Along with every being

That was before you  


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